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Friday, May 11, 2012

Bold is Beautiful: How to Make the Classic Red Lip Your Own

Hey there Cool Pinks,

Yes, spring is a time for lip glosses and peachy lipsticks. This is very true. However, the red lip is always in season. Whether you have a power meeting at the office or want that extra boost of confidence for a first date, red lipstick can do the trick. However, all reds are not created equal when it comes to which shade will look best on your skin. Here are some tips for finding the red lipstick that will make your complexion shine.

Dark skin: If you have very chocolately skin, a deep berry shade (not burgundy) will make your lips stand out and compliment your rich brown skin well. The brightness of the lipstick will also make your smile more appealing, and bring out the red undertones in your skin. Take a few style cues from Estelle for inspiration.

Medium dark skin: Black women with medium dark skin (think Gabrielle Union) can opt for a darker shade of red lipstick. A slightly purple tint in the lipstick will add immediate sophistication to your look, especially if you keep the rest of of your look simple by adding mascara, bronzer and nude eyeshadow. This look is perfect with a power suit--or with "that dress" that you know always gets heads turning ;)

Brown skin: Your honey-colored skin will look best against bright red lipstick with orange undertones. The color will make your entire face glow, and you won't need much more makeup (concealer and bronzer, but that's about it). A wine-colored lip is also best for Black women with yellow or red undertones, and will contrast against your pearly whites well--just as Sanaa Lathan ;)

Medium light skin: A plum red is your best bet if you have medium light skin and want a red lip that will wow everyone--without being too overwhelming. A mascara that brings intensity to your lashes, and a classic accessory like pearls will give you just the right mix of edgy femininity--kinda like Rihanna.

Light skin: The lighter your skin, the pinker your red lipstick should be. Notice how Beyonce keeps her eye makeup simple, and adds subtle shades of pink that will compliment the lipstick. A bold shade of red will look too overdone in light brown skin, but a deep pink adds just the right amount of romantic prettiness.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Cool Pink "Five Quick Fixes" Cookbook is Here!

Hey there Cool Pinks,

The first edition of the "Five Quick Fixes" cookbook is complete! A number of people asked about new and exciting ways to make tofu, so that's what this e-cookbook is about. Whether you want to spice up tofu or make it a sweet treat, you'll learn how with very easy steps that anyone can follow. The book is $7 and on sale now! Just click on the link on top of this post to purchase (the link to the first cookbook is to the right :) ). Stay cool, pink--and healthy :)