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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Sun on My Lips: Orange Options for Spring

It's the color of some of our favorite things--peach cobbler, tangerine Italian soda, perfume with peach notes, and that super-cute cardigan at Urban Outfitters. OK, so maybe those are some of my favorite things--but I'm sure my fellow Cool Pinks can relate:) Orange lipstick shouldn't be a makeup taboo for women of color. In fact, it's pretty chic--if done correctly, of course. Here are a few nectarine-hued paints for your pout that will make springtime just a little "springier". Hey, my blog--my words :)

Makeup Forever lipstick in "Satin Bright Orange"

This orange lipstick is ideal for warm skin tones. So, if you look great in red dresses, and your skin has more of a glow when you wear white and tan than when you dress in gray or dark blue, this lipstick is for you. Although, I wouldn't recommend wearing this with a red dress--you'll look like all parts of a peach. Just a little free fashion advice:) Use a nude lipliner to keep the pigment in place, and wear a sheer, oatmeal-colored eyeshadow and medium brown eyeliner so that  your lips are the main feature. Apply bronzer instead of blush for this look to give your whole face an attractive glow. It will bring out the red, orange, and slightly yellow undertones of your skin quite nicely:)
MAC lipstick in "Electro"

This lipstick looks great on both warm and cool skin tones. If you have cool undertones (e.g. gray dresses look great against your skin, light blue eyeshadow is your friend), this lipstick will keep your complexion from appearing "washed out"--especially at the beginning of the spring season when the weather is still kind of cool. If you have warm undertones, mix the lipstick with your favorite clear gloss for a subtle pop of color that looks great with heavily-lined eyes. And FYI, this is a wonderful eyeshadow when you're wearing a nude lip. Mix a little of the makeup with your finishing powder and sweep it across your lids. Makeup blogger RenRen also suggests using the lipstick as an undereye concealer, which I think is a genius makeup move--especially if you have dark skin. You can find more information on that here: http://www.makeupbyrenren.com/2008/12/another-use-for-mac-electro-lipstick.html

MAC lipstick in "Good to Go"

Warm-toned ladies--this lipstick is for you. The tangerine color is perfect for bringing in the spring season, and a dark pink blush will pull the entire look together. A soft brown lipliner (not too brown, though--we don't do Great Pumpkin lips around here) helps to keep this coral-kissed shade intact. A throwback cat-eye with very dark brown or black liner will give you a sexy, Stepford wife look. A sand or bone-colored outfit is the perfect way to pull this entire look off.

So, try some orange lipstick this season. You just might love it!:)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Five Things Makeup Can't Do

OK Cool Pinks,

You know I love the cosmetics. And the fashion. And the fragrance. But I have to be honest. There are just some things that makeup won't cover, clothes won't conceal, and fragrance won't erase. I know that seems (virtually) unbelievable lol, but alas, 'tis true. It's always healthy to reflect on the things that you can do to become a better woman--so that the makeup will be that much more alluring. Feel free to share your thoughts. 

Makeup can't....

Serve as a substitute for healthy skin. There are some great concealers out there that can make blemishes virtually invisible. And while those are ideal for quick fixes, especially when zits decide to make guest appearances on days when you need to be super cute (ugh, it happens SO OFTEN), it's best to keep your skin healthy, instead of covering up the problems. Drink plenty of water, take vitamin A and E capsules, and get lots of rest. If your skin is oily and you get breakouts a lot, use a seaweed mask at night to draw out the impurities. I sleep in mine sometimes:)

Cover (all) your least favorite features. Makeup, when done properly, can help to shape your facial features in a flattering fashion. (Wow, that was a lot of alliteration. But I digress). But don't confuse makeup with plastic surgery--or self confidence. If your eyes are too small or your nose is too big, use makeup to your advantage. But don't count on the items in your makeup bag to create a totally new face for you. And don't be so hard on yourself. There are people who think you're really beautiful. And at least one of those people should be you:)

Make him notice you. Can I tell you a secret? Makeup is for other women--not men. Guys don't really even like it when they can tell we have makeup on. Trust me, I have this debate with my honey all the time smh. Nude makeup that gives you an even skin tone and a slight shine to our lips is best for date night--or when you're trying to get that someone special to notice you. Men want to know what you actually look like--not who you pretend to be or wish that you were. Makeup is a touchy subject for them, too--even though they don't quite know how to articulate that. Excess makeup dictates a lack of authenticity in a woman. And men want to spend time with women they can trust. So, stock up on the blush and bronzer--but lay off the purple lipstick--or at least save it for a girl's night out:)

Change your life.Makeup doesn't pay your bills, make your no-good boyfriend change his ways, or give you your dream job. While looking your best leads to feeling your best--which leads to doing your best--don't count on your "looks" to make your life go in a different direction. The right makeup may get you noticed--but that's about all it will get you. When you wash your face at night, you still need to know that you're worthy of love and respect. It seems like common knowledge, but trust me, I come across people every day who need to hear this.

Create internal fulfillment. If you feel great when your foundation, lipstick and eyeshadow are intact, but start to get that sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach at the end of the day when it's time to remove the "paint", it's time for some serious self-evaluation. What is your definition of beauty? How do you truly see yourself? If you could never wear makeup again, what would your reaction be? When your heart and mind are in a place of confidence and peace, all your life choices will be sound (to the best of your knowledge), and yes, that includes your makeup choices:)

Until next time, stay cool--and pink:)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Put some Pink in your pout!:)

Spring is almost upon us, so in addition to creating a new wardrobe, you may want to give your makeup a seasonal overhaul as well. So, what about pink lipstick? You may be thinking, 'my skin is too dark for that--I'll never be able to pull it off!' Not so--there are plenty of great companies that offer pink glosses and lipsticks that are great with any complexion.Check 'em out--after all, we support all things pink around here:)

NYX "Paris" OK, first, let me just say, you won't pay more than $5 for this lipstick. That alone should be reason to at least try it:) This light pink shade is perfect for warm skin tones, and has a barely-there tint that will give your whole face a healthy glow. You can wear it with a smoky eye to balance out your look, or with nude eyeshadow to complete your fresh-faced them. To make the lipstick even more sheer, brush on a little shea butter before putting this lipstick on to condition your lips and keep the color on longer.

Revlon "Stormy Pink" This purplish-pink lipstick is the perfect pout companion for both cool and warm skin tones. Line your lips in a beige shade to keep the lipstick on longer and bring more attention to this slightly magenta hue. A baby pink plush or face bronzer and long lashes will make you springtime pretty. You can find this lipstick for about $10 at your local drug store. For a matte look, dab a little concealer on your lips before you apply the lipstick.

MAC "Girl About Town" This deep pink lipstick should be the feature of your look. Understated eyes with black or dark brown liner and a bone-colored eyeshadow will make this aubergine-tinted lipstick stand out. The creamy texture makes your pout appear conditioned (and, let's face it, kissable;)). Women with cool undertones should add this to their makeup bags to make their faces look bright and refreshed.

So, there you have it:) Once you try these shades out (and you know you want to) send me your pics so I can post them. And of course, I'll be adding some pics from my pink lipstick experiments as well. Now go--be fabulous:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SQMT--Super Quick Makeup Tips: Black, Brown, Then Back Around

Hey Cool Pinks,

OK, so here's the deal. You want to add some definition to your eyes. But you don't want to look like you're getting ready for a drag show. Or, maybe...listen, we don't judge here--we just want you to look great. But we may need to have a small conference about your choices at a later date.

Anywho, here's your Super Quick Makeup Tip--Black and Brown Eyes!. I know it sounds weird, but trust me, it's uber-cute. And you can do it in, like, 3 minutes :)

First, prime your eyelids with a mixture of your makeup primer and a concealer that is a few shades lighter than your skin (any MAC primer works great for this, and you can combine it with a cheap concealer like e.l.f., which is like $2 at Target. Yes, y'all lol)

Then,  give your lashes a few coats of mascara (CoverGirl mascara is my pick if you don't want to spend a lot--it's usually not over $10 at the drugstore)

Apply strip lashes if you want your lashes to be fuller and the mascara just isn't doin' it for you (I'll post tutorial on this soon :))

Then, use liquid eyeliner in an oak brown shade for the bottom of your eye. That's right--the bottom. This will make your eyes pop without giving them too much "smoke." It will give you just enough definition, and will provide a nice contrast to your dark lashes.

Add black eyeliner to the top of your eye, right along the strip lash line.

Dab some more concealer along your brown line with a brush for more definition. No eyeshadow needed for this look!

Here's the finished product! What do you think? Once you try the look, send me your pics so I can feature you in Super Quick Makeup Tips! Until then, stay cool--and pink:)