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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Great Accessories

Ok, so by this time, everyone is feeling the 'heat' of the recession (yes, that's what it is) in one way or another. But your fashion doesn't have to suffer because of it! There are a number of great places to get some cool accessories that will spice up those solid color T's you bought at The Gap two months ago and have no idea how to wear. So, here are some affordable options:

Yeah, I know, all the 12-year-olds shop there to get frosted pink lipstick and stickers, but the earring and rink racks in the store have some pretty cool stuff! You can find chunky cocktail rings that you can wear day or night, or if you're just looking for a pair of hoop earrings that will add an appropriate 'kick' to a work outfit, Claire's has what you need. There is also nickel-free jewelry for those of us that are sensitive:)

Again, I realize this Claire's spin-off is home of cheap club jewelry. But, if you put the right pieces together, you can look professional and polished. Try the chunky chains with a fitted turtleneck, or some nice droplet earrings for a semi-formal event. You can come out with some great stuff, and you probably won't spend more than $20.

If you're looking for vintage-inspired jewelry, pay Macy's a visit when they're having one of their big sales. You can find fake pearls of all colors (but don't wear too many, or you may look like you've just come back from Mardi Gras), as well as brooches that you can add to a blazer or sweater for a sophisticated look. In most cases, the sales allow you to purchase items for up to 70 percent off, and the jewelry really looks high quality.

Well, I'm off to find some more places that offer the (cheap) accents you need to make your wardrobe complete. Stay cool--and pink:)